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CanNor: What We Do

The Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor), established in 2009, works to help develop a diversified, sustainable, and dynamic economy across Canada's three territories, while at the same time contributing to Canada's prosperity. We work with communities to develop and diversify local economies, and take advantage of the immense strengths of Northern Canada.

CanNor fosters growth and development in the North by delivering economic development programs and by collaborating with and aligning the efforts of partners in northern and southern Canada to respond to economic challenges and opportunities in the North.

The Agency also coordinates the activities of other federal departments to maximize their collective impact – particularly federal regulators in relation to major project development – in the North, bringing insight, knowledge and partnerships together.

CanNor has three key, interrelated business lines and services that help drive economic development: contribution programs; the Northern Projects Management Office; and serving as a voice for the North.

CanNor houses the Northern Projects Management Office (NPMO). NPMO provides issues management, path-finding and advice to industry and communities; coordinates the participation of federal departments in the regulatory review process; and publicly tracks the progress of projects to bring transparency, timeliness and effectiveness to the regulatory system. NPMO works with partners to advance community readiness, helping to maximize the positive socio-economic impacts of major projects on northern communities.

CanNor's suite of programs provide funding to support the development of key economic sectors such as mining, tourism, fisheries, cultural industries, and community and business development. Our programs include:

  • Strategic Investments in Northern Economic Development (SINED)
  • Northern Aboriginal Economic Opportunities Program (NAEOP)
  • Northern Adult Basic Education Program (NABEP)
  • Community Infrastructure Improvement Fund (CIIF)
  • Promotion of official language minority communities

For more information about CanNor programs and services, please contact the regional office nearest you.

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